Murray Bird Hide

The Gulpa Creek Reed Beds Bird Observatory is located in a section of reed beds, just off the Picnic Point Road, a few kilometres from the township of Mathoura. The facility incorporates a car park, 200m boardwalk, enclosed and spacious viewing platforms and interpretive information detailing bird species and nesting habits. The facility provides accessible entry to the uniquely managed working wetlands of the area.

The Gulpa Creek is a short, natural anabranch of the Murray River, which flows in a predominantly northerly direction past Mathoura and along the western edge of the Millewa forest to join the Edward River some 25 km downstream.

Associated with the Gulpa Creek are extensive areas of wetland and River Red Gum forest. The wetlands, particularly the Reed Beds Swamp and Coppinger's/Duck Lagoon, have high environmental value. Of special significance are the waterbird nesting colonies. The associated River Red Gum forest is an important habitat for many terrestrial and semi-aquatic plant and animal species and helps support the local timber and tourist industries. The creek itself has notable value as habitat for native fish, recreational fishing and canoeing.

The dominant vegetation type associated with Gulpa Creek is River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) open forest. The range of aquatic and terrestrial habitats associated with Gulpa Creek result in a diverse resident and transitory fauna with a wide range of native and introduced fish, birds, frogs and reptiles residing, within the creek, wetlands and associated forest.

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